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Every now and again, you have a lightbulb moment. For me, it was last year when I took the leap to go freelance after spending most of my career working in PR agencies.

Fresh out of agency life, I did some ongoing work for an exciting tech startup. Despite years of agency experience under my belt, while I was working with them, for the first time I felt like I was making a measurable difference. Not only that, I could finally be completely honest about what I thought would work and what wouldn’t – even if that meant selling myself short of a day’s work or two.

The client I was working with was equally happy. They weren’t in a position to justify a full-time internal PR team and had previously been let down by agencies. Through our work together they were able to see that collaborating with experienced professionals doesn’t necessarily mean having to completely blow the budget to get the desired results.

With this in mind, at the core of CommsPeople is a quite a simple belief. It’s something that has grown from feeling that the agency model doesn’t quite work for every business out there, and synergistically, that there is a trend leaning towards more project-based work (especially in the times we find ourselves in) that gives a degree of flexibility to both businesses and the comms people working with them.

The CommsPeople platform has been designed to showcase independent PR and comms professionals in the right way, and also allow businesses to easily find the expertise they need to support them – without getting tied into long term contracts unless they want to.

So, whether you are a business who is unsure about what you need in terms of your comms activity or you just need an extra pair of hands to support your team; or you are a freelancer who’d like to join a community of talented professionals – you’ve come to the right place.

Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line for a chat > sarah@wearecommspeople.com

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