CommsPeople Profile: Reema S

Describe what you do in a couple of sentences…

I’m really curious and passionate about creating sustainable communication strategies that inform and inspire for companies and brands. My skillset and experience are extremely varied and I can help manage all aspects of corporate and internal communications, or with content creation, copywriting, digital marketing and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Tell us about your best freelancing gig…

I’m fairly new to freelancing, but I’m currently working with a start-up company, The Marketing Leaders, who connect marketeers with companies and allows them to work in virtual teams globally. What’s great about working with a small company is that there are less management layers and things get done pretty quickly. Working directly with the founders, it’s nice to help with their marketing and communications strategies in order to set them up for success.

What are the benefits for clients of working with a freelancer?

A wealth of knowledge accumulated from working with different companies and industries, alongside a perspective that may be different to theirs.

In your opinion, which brand(s) gets their communications consistently spot on?

This is a hard one as so many brands do great stuff, but I would have to say Sony PlayStation. Over the last couple of decades, Sony have created a product that people desire and trust, bringing to life incredible stories through the power of play.

No matter what version of the PlayStation console comes out, there is a huge demand. PlayStation’s comms strategy feels effortless, impressive, and non-intrusive. Last year was particularly interesting, as they launched their PS5 in the pandemic, two days after their competitor’s console launch, creating a genius stunt that resulted in coverage everywhere.

What are your top tips for anyone about to start working with freelancers?

Be open and transparent about the work that is expected.

What advice would you give to someone embarking on a freelance career?

A good network is priceless so you should always tell people what you are doing and when you’re looking for work. It’s also important to set yourself realistic goals, be disciplined and to be open to all opportunities as you never know where it could lead.

Do not be scared of jumping into the unknown. Take that leap of faith and you will fly!

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