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For Businesses

CommsPeople is a talent pool which showcases some of the best freelancers in the world. You can choose to work with any of them individually on a project-by-project basis or create your own team of freelancers for bigger campaigns where necessary. It’s completely free for businesses to browse our list of freelancers and you can work with them directly, so you pay less and get more for your money. Win-win.

Not at all, it’s just different. However, you won’t be tied into long term contracts with our freelancers unless you want to be. CommsPeople is a group of trusted professionals who will be able to give you honest professional advice, whatever the comms activity you need. You can use our platform to strike up a working relationship with someone, or simply ask for a short consultation for a small fee to find out more about your needs.

CommsPeople, and any freelancer on our platform will be happy to sign an NDA with you if required.

Simply select the industry you work in and browse the freelancers we have listed in that category. When you find someone with relevant experience, you will be able to send them your brief directly and strike up a conversation – it really is that simple. It’s like having a really amazing contacts book of experts who specialise in the sector your business operates in.

We have freelancers from a variety of levels and sectors listed on CommsPeople, so if you need support with bigger projects you can even build your own team. If you have any questions, then we’d be happy to chat this through.

Feel free to drop our founder a line;

The CommsPeople network started out with a small group of trusted independent experts and it has continually expanded through referrals – which is the way we like to work. We also interview each applicant to chat about their experience and how they work with their clients. Above all, we are a community – every professional featured on CommsPeople would be happy to work alongside the next.

We don’t charge you anything. You can submit a brief and have an initial call with any of the specialists for free where you can openly discuss budgets and day rates. Each freelancer will be happy to chat through your requirements and the scope of work.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact our founder to discuss your business needs in further detail;

It really does depend on the scope of work and the level of experience you are looking for. However, if you wish to chat this through before contacting one of our freelancers, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line;

For Freelancers

  • Businesses can browse all freelancers by the sectors and services they specialise in
  • They are then able to contact the freelancers that fit their brief directly, but CommsPeople will check your availability and interest in the brief first.
  • The specialist is then free to discuss the project and scope of work with the business and agree the fee.
  • All billing is currently controlled by you, the freelancer

Simply fill in the form and send across your credentials, and once reviewed and referenced we’ll be able add you to the platform. Each freelancer is in control of the briefs they want to work on, and the fees they will charge which are related to their personal experience in the sector and dependent on the scope of work.

There is no cost to join our network or find work. When it comes to billing simply raise a client invoice as you usually would and the business pays you directly. We just charge a 10% (+VAT) marketing fee on each project you secure through CommsPeople, which we will bill you for separately. (Note: 10% will be charged on the first £10,000 worth of billing to a client, 5% is charged on any invoices above £10,000).

About CommsPeople

Every business has different requirements when it comes to their comms activity. With CommsPeople, you can easily discover trusted freelancers at every level who can work with you on a flexible project-by-project basis. Or you can even build your own comms team without being tied into long term contracts. Pay less, get more.



Our talented industry professionals can help you with everything from market launches to personal profiling, influencer strategy, social media campaigns, and beyond. They are absolute experts in the field.  

We can even give you an hour of free advice about what you might need if you’re unsure.

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