If you're an experienced comms person looking for freelance work, we've got the clients for you!

CommsPeople connects freelance marketing, content-makers, PR and branding experts with great businesses looking for flexible support on a project-by-project basis. 

CommsPeople takes the guess-work out of taking on a new client, guiding both parties through the match-making, pitching and onboarding process. To become eligible for work, join the network and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Become a CommsPerson

CommsPeople is a freelance talent agency which showcases some of the best PR, marketing, and content freelancers in the world.

The CommsPeople community is made up of independent professionals with exceptional backgrounds who can support businesses across their PR, marketing strategy, social media management and content writing.

We understand that as a freelancer, finding new clients can take up a considerable amount of time and it’s not nearly as fun or profitable as doing the actual work – so we do that bit for you.

Our team is made up of seasoned communications professionals rather than recruiters, so we have real experience of interpreting briefs and in both recruiting and working as freelancers.

We qualify the brief and openly discuss budgets with the client. Then here is the best bit – we pass the lead over to you.

Unlike any other network, at CommsPeople we allow our freelancers to have direct conversations with the clients from an early stage, as we believe this is the best way for the working relationship to begin.

Working within the CommsPeople network ensures you will be working with good quality clients alongside other top professionals in your field.

The CommsPeople network is very much a community, meaning that if one freelancer finds a prospect that isn’t quite right for them, they will share it with the rest of our community. You really are working alongside top tier professionals.

In addition, we have created a newsletter which contains job leads we have found elsewhere online all in one place, not just through CommsPeople. We genuinely want our community to find work.

We only work with experts at the top of their game, and every CommsPeople candidate has successfully completed a rigorous screening process:

1. Application

Following application through the CommsPeople website, the applicant is requested to submit their CV and any portfolios, as well as links to relevant social media accounts such as Linkedin. 

2. CV Reviews

We thoroughly review all the information submitted as well as how the applicant has been referred to CommsPeople, and we then schedule in a live meeting. 

3. Live Screening

Each candidate is interviewed by the CommsPeople team who are experts in their sector. During the interview e talk through experience and assess communication ability and creativity. 

We also take the opportunity to find out the candidate’s real strengths and interests so we can make the best matches on their behalf. 

4. References

Each candidate is asked to provide references which are then reviewed and followed up. 


5. Client Follow Up

Once the candidate’s profile is created by CommsPeople and our agreement is signed, any clients the freelancer works with will routinely be followed up with to ensure continued quality control across all our projects. 

6. Fees

There is no cost to join the CommsPeople freelance talent agency or find work. When it comes to billing simply raise a client invoice as you usually would, and the business pays you directly. 

We just charge a 10% (+VAT) marketing fee on each project you secure through CommsPeople, which we will bill you for separately. 

Note: 10% will be charged on the first £10,000 worth of billing to a client, 5% is charged on any invoices above £10,000.

When a business approaches CommsPeople, our team has an in-depth conversation with them to understand their key objectives, budgets, and expectations. 

At this point, we take a full brief from the client to help them meet the professionals with the right expertise and experience. Our team has long-standing knowledge of the industry, so we are well-placed to advise on these elements. 

Each freelancer the client selects from the CommsPeople network will then be subject to the client’s own internal interview process. 

Alternatively, businesses are free to browse all freelancers in the CommsPeople network by the sectors and services they specialise in without having to sign up or pay a fee. 

If the client finds a freelancer they feel will fit their brief, then CommsPeople will make the introduction (after checking your availability and interest in the brief first). 

The freelancer is then free to discuss the project and scope of work with the business and agree the fee on your own terms.

All billing is currently controlled by you, the freelancer. CommsPeople will then invoice you for 10% of the project fee after you have invoiced the client. 

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