Get to know our team members

Reema Samuel

Communications Manager

Kate Lam

PR Consultant

Kaye Holland

Creative Content Specialist

Stephen Hart

Senior Communications Manager

Tom Batchelar

Head of Communications

Nick Huber

Senior Copywriter & Journalist

Francesca Baker

Communications Specialist

Jess Carter

Journalist and Comms Strategist

Jess Harris

Founder, Marketing - Jess joined Sarah to grow and expand the CommsPeople brand. After spending 20 years growing brand names in hospitality, media and culture, she was frustrated with how difficult it is to find quality support. Good freelancers are hard to find, and agencies were often prohibitively expensive. So when she met Sarah, she had to join the CommsPeople journey.


If you like the sound of what we're doing, get in touch! We're always looking for more people to come on this journey with us.

Sarah Paterson

Founder, CEO - Sarah created CommsPeople to solve a problem that she personally had. After 15 years in PR she went freelance, and couldn't believe how hard it was for companies to find good freelancers. So she created CommsPeople to help companies and freelancers meet each other.

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